Spiritual Teachings

It is my experience that a personal spiritual practice is essential for cultivating and preserving optimal health and vitality.

When I was three years old, laying on my back in the grass in my backyard and watching clouds float across the sky, I felt connected to the sky, the wind, the clouds, the grass, the sounds, everything around me. For as long as I can remember, I had a deep longing for connecting with something I could not describe with words. 

I continued to have these experiences of profound opening, without knowing what they were or how they came to be. A turning point in my life came during adolescence when I was given a copy of Be Here Now, by Ram Dass.  From then on, I was driven to realize enlightenment and the ability to live in the now.

For the past 50 years, I have been exploring and working with the stuff of daily life through various meditative practices and disciplines in such a way which helps to unlock wisdom, compassion for self and others, feelings of peace and tranquility, and many other profound and revelatory experiences.

For the past 25 years, I have been teaching and guiding others to use these same practices and principals to help us all realize and embody these same states and discoveries.

It is my experience that a personal spiritual practice is essential for cultivating and nourishing optimal health, happiness, satisfaction, and vitality.

One key to all of this is embodied presence and awareness.

Embodied presence dissolves the stories and limiting beliefs that pull us into negative states that hinder growth, and keep us stuck in the cycles of struggle and suffering. Presence, or Awake Awareness reveals reality for what it is, not what we perceive it to be. Presence reveals us to be already whole, that we already are what we have been seeking.

Integrating my background as a Clinical Psychologist along with intensive practice of  Zen, Yogic concentrative meditation, Mindfulness, and Advaita, my approach to teaching is to help people understand what helps them open up, and what causes them to contract, and how to shift between the two.

Join me on this journey of discovering your true self and your path toward ending the cycle of suffering for you and for the world.

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