Is the political climate causing you suffering and pain?

Does your heart ache over the divisiveness and separation in the world?

This new FREE eBook is my sincere exploration of how we can use our intensely painful emotions to heal our hearts.

 Through the process of healing ourselves we activate an ability to be a more effective and powerful agent of change and healing in the world.

In this eBook I invite you to discover:

  •    Insight on how to use your emotions to become more grounded and resilient in the midst of external storms
  •    Tangible tools to help you feel empowered no matter what is occurring in your life
  •    Ways to use your most painful moments as means for self-discovery and healing

Your heart’s longing for a better world is the guiding light to help you find the way through.


NJ Psychologist Lic. #35SI00218300

So many of us are weighed down with hopelessness, afraid for what the future holds, and consumed with feelings of doom, danger, and loss. If you’re drowning in fear and you’ve never felt less safe, you are not alone.

I understand. 

In my 36 plus years of working as a psychologist and trauma specialist with people of all ages and backgrounds, I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed such near-universal confusion, anger, and sadness. This is why I’m now honoring this deep calling to do all I can to help us expand beyond our darkness.

While denying our challenging emotions can be destructive and maddening, getting lost in them is obviously not ideal either.

You are not alone in your struggle.  Let this offering uplift and support you.

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