Lean into the storm

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Lean into the Storm

Do you feel like you struggle and suffer often? Do you get upset with yourself for losing your temper or feeling like you’re being swept away by fear or irritation or darkness? Are you often lost in your thoughts and inner dialogues? Do you long to find a way to be in your life here and now rather than always waiting for a better time that never seems to come? Do you long for knowing and living from your true self? Do you seek freedom from this suffering?

All of us have faced some or all of these struggles. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here on this page.

Our emotions and the states that go with them are like the weather. Some are experienced as lovely and pleasant. Others are like the strong winds of a turbulent storm, thrashing us with anger, hopelessness, frustration, anxiety, fear, and the often-present feeling that we are not enough.

For so many of us, our habitual reaction to such intense weather is to distract our self with eating, drinking, working, watching TV, constantly checking our phone, exercising, cleaning, etc. Without a distraction we feel overwhelmed, like we are drowning in the strong force of our emotional states. Hijacked by the storm, we lose our bearings, and often we lose our way. Being adrift is frightening, depleting, and discouraging.

But there is another way.

Just as we can’t control the weather, we can’t always know what life will throw at us. We can’t change the fact that storms will come. However, we can change the way we relate to our storms. We have a choice, another way of relating to life. But it takes some courage and a sincere intention.

We can choose to lean into the storm, instead of hiding from it. We can learn to cultivate an ability to face and befriend our inner emotional and psychological struggles, and the basic dissatisfaction with life so many of us feel.

Leaning into the storm, we can access a dimension of awareness, compassion, and wisdom. Being with our struggles and fears, we can become unafraid, less contracted, and more able to experience our true wholeness and compassion, which is often obscured by constantly fighting the storms in our lives.

How do I know this? For over 30 years, as a clinical psychologist and teacher, I have dedicated myself to easing the suffering in myself and others. An anxious and shy child, I struggled with depression as an adult; I was also “gifted” with a chronic illness. Learning to lean into these storms has been liberating—even lifesaving.

Cultivating this ability is one of the many things I teach. Learning to lean into the storm has helped me and thousands of others reduce their pain and suffering. My life’s work has been sharing this gift and I invite you to experience it for yourself.

It is our mind, and that alone, that chains us or sets us free.”
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

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